Do You Need to Buy Essay the Day Before Deadline

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The one thing a writer knows how to do is to meet a deadline. But if you are not a writer, and you suddenly find yourself in the jam of “Oh My God, I forgot I have a paper due tomorrow!” What do you do? There are expert writers out there waiting to be hired at online essay writing services where you can easily buy essay on the chosen topic, but what if you cannot afford it, or don’t have notes prepared?

We all know that it can take days even weeks to get a paper done, but this is one of those times that we just do not have that time that was given us when we first got the assignment.

Life shows up in the form of emergencies at work, school, or our jobs, so when we need to bog down and get busy writing a deadline essay, here are some of the tips and tricks to help you to buy essays and get them done.

  • Start early in the morning before the paper is due. This gives you the full 24 hours depending on the submission process. If your paper is due Friday 11:59 p.m. through an online submission process such as Canvas, and you start on Thursday morning, you have time to whip this baby up.
  • Go make a pot of coffee- if you can’t make coffee get yourself to a coffeehouse and set up your laptop, your notepad or wherever you have some of your notes. Coffeehouses have one of the best atmospheres today for getting work done. Look around you, everyone is working and drinking whatever floats their boats.
  • Or- Isolate yourself- This works too if you are easily distracted. You only have a few hours to work so if you find that you don’t need a little noise around you, find somewhere quiet, but don’t forget that cup-o-joe.
  • If your paper requires extensive research that you have not done, marry the school library. Get there first thing in the morning to get the most secluded spot, spread out your stuff (pens, paper, computer, etc.) so that nobody wants to sit there and get to the database. You are now in for the work of your life. Drink as much coffee as you can before entering the library. No coffee allowed.
  • Spend the first 20 minutes coming up with a killer theme based on the prompt and mind map it with questions such as, is it relevant to the subject you are studying, have you written enough notes to glean some info from the Professors lectures?
  • Get the requirements down pat. How many pages, or the word count, and the format are required to finish the paper? How many sources do I need to include in the paper, do I submit it in person or has the professor chosen an online avenue such as Canvas? (If Canvas is being used, go see what time is allowed to submit, some of these shut down at certain times)
  • Focus on your thesis statement first- since your thesis is the central part of what you are going to be answering or asking about throughout the paper, come up with that sentence first. It may change after you get started generating your ideas, but get one to bounce off of in the beginning.
  • Start writing like you are in a race with a friend to get through a typing contest. Don’t stop for mistakes just go, go, go. Look at your notes, write, look up something on the Internet that is similar to what you have developed on your mind map, and write, do not stop for an entire hour. Then read it. Get up.
  • Take a 15 min walk, or go to the gym. I know you only have one day to finish, but you need to let what you have already done sink in and fester so that you can develop the rest of the paper. While you are resting your mind, and maybe getting a bite to eat, you may come up with thoughts and ideas that can now be added to make your thesis stronger.
  • When you eat, eat light, you do not want food bogging you down physically. It can make you sleepy, and sluggish.
  • Take a nap after the first draft is over. Wake up refreshed and read your paper again. This is the time for edits. Correct any grammar issues and formatting issues. Run spell-check but don’t depend on it fully.
  • Set your alarm to go off as early as possible the next day so that you can re-read again, and if necessary provide needed edits.

By the time you have done all of the above, you should have in front of you an acceptable paper to turn in to your professor. Now congratulate yourself for a job well done.